Welcome to Seanan!, the only TNL-affiliated namelisting for Irish masculine name Seanan. Please note that this is a temporary layout and will be changed over the next few days.

A namelisting is exactly what it sounds like: a collective of people from across the world who share an interest in a common name. By joining a namelisting, you are adding your name to a worldwide registry of people with a shared interest. Anyone who is a fan of Seanan and meets the basic requirements is encouraged to join.


Owner: Ashley of Sobriquets and Intensité
Members: 1, from 1 nation
Most recent: Ashley
Listed at: The Namelistings Network
Last updated: December 4, 2009


Joining the Seanan namelisting is quite simple. There are only three rules:

1) You must submit your name (no silly nicknames, please), e-mail address, and country.

2) Websites will only be listed if a link, text or image, is displayed.

3) Websites with illegal content will not be listed.

If you are ready to join, please pick up a code and join here.


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